Tough Trivia, 4/12/21

I’m planning for Tough Trivia to be a daily feature on this blog (well, Monday to Friday). Each day, I’ll post a tough trivia question. The next day, I’ll post the answer to the previous day’s question and a new question.

At some point, I’ll award a prize for the most correct answers, and another for the most regular participant. And maybe something for the funniest or most amusing wrong answer. If you want to participate, simply comment on the day’s post. I won’t approve the comments until after the next day’s entry is posted.

800px-USA_declaration_independenceAnd while this is the age of the internet, and you can probably do a web search and find the right answers to each question, where’s the fun in that? I can’t make you not look it up, but don’t.

So, let’s kick things off with a history question:

Everybody remembers “When in the course of human events” and “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” July 4, 1776, and John Hancock. That it was Thomas Jefferson’s wordsmithing which put the words in that document. But the Declaration of Independence wouldn’t have meant anything if it wasn’t adopted by the 13 colonies and signed by their 56 representatives. Including John Hancock in his state’s delegation, which state had the most signatories, and which state the fewest? Bonus points if you can list the number of signatories for each state.

4 thoughts on “Tough Trivia, 4/12/21

  1. I don’t know this, but I’ll guess Pennsylvania for most and one of the ones I can’t find on a map for the fewest (like Connecticut or Delaware?).


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