Elected & Volunteer Positions

I am a frequent and regular volunteer, and have often been elected to positions in the organizations to which I belong. An abbreviated list of those positions includes:

American Mensa: I’ve been a member since high school. Currently, I am the national Secretary. In concert with my role as Secretary, I am the chairman of the Licensing Committee, and serve as a member of the Executive Committee, the Communications Committee, and the Membership Committee. Previous positions I’ve held within the organization include:

  • Regional Vice Chairman (RVC) of American Mensa’s Region 1—elected to two terms (2017-21)
  • National Finance and Budget Committee member—appointed (2018-21)
  • Regional Ombudsman of American Mensa’s Region 1—appointed (2015-16)
  • Membership Chairman of Greater New York Mensa—appointed (1996-97)
  • National Newsletter Awards Judge—appointed (1995)
  • President of Greater New York Mensa—elected to two terms (1992-95)
  • Chairman of Greater New York Mensa’s Regional Gathering—appointed (1995)
  • Local Group Publicity Committee Member—appointed (1994)
  • Director of Greater New York Mensa—elected (1990-91)
  • Editor of Greater New York Mensa’s Mphasis—appointed (1990-91)

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA)

  • Treasurer—elected to two terms (1998-2000)

Artemis Society International / Moon Society

  • Founding Member (1994)
  • Director—elected (1994-2003)
  • Member of the Moon Society Board of Advisors (2004- )

Boston University

  • Senator in the Student Union—elected to two terms (1985-87)
  • Chairman of the West Campus Blood Drive—appointed (1984-87)