Bio & Upcoming Appearances

Most of this site is dedicated to my working with words (writer, editor, publisher), but like most of the writers I’ve known, I’ve had a plethora of other jobs. Among them:

  • I’ve been a teacher (of Hebrew, of English, and of Business English)
  • I’ve been a tour guide (at Niagara Falls)
  • I’ve worked on Wall Street (in the marketing department at a wealth management firm)
  • I’ve been a stock trader (a day trader, focusing on NYSE traded stocks, for which I passed my NASD Series 7, 55, and 63 exams)
  • I’ve been involved in an internet start-up (unfortunately, it didn’t get to the IPO stage)
  • I’ve been involved in a commercial space flight start-up (the non-profit Artemis Society International, and the for-profit Lunar Resources Company)
  • I’ve served on several non-profit boards of directors

Personally, I enjoy sports, but I’m enough of a klutz to not be very good at any of them. I enjoy games (card, board, physical), but don’t get much opportunity to play. And I enjoy traveling (though again, I don’t do as much as I like, although I have had feet on the ground in 35 of the US states). I was born in New York City, and grew up in Milford, Connecticut, and Amherst, New York. I earned my BA from Boston University, and then moved back to New York City to find my fortune in publishing (anyone in publishing knows that that’s a joke).

I expect to be at the following conventions, in a variety of capacities:

March 3-5: Central New Jersey Mensa’s Snowball Regional Gathering in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

March 11: American Mensa Committee (board of directors) meeting in Hurst, Texas.

March 31-April 2: Connecticut & Western Massachusetts Mensa’s SNERG Regional Gathering in Windsor, Connecticut.

April 28-30: Heliosphere (science fiction convention) in Piscataway, New Jersey.

May 26-29: Balticon (science fiction convention) in Baltimore, Maryland.

July 5-9: American Mensa Annual Gathering in Baltimore, Maryland.