I think of myself as a science fiction writer, even though 95% of my published words have been non-fiction. There’s just something so satisfying about writing fiction.

asf_0753My first professional publications were a few puzzles in Games Magazine while I was a high school student. In college, I was a reporter and columnist for The Daily Free Press. My first science fiction story was published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact in September 1992. And my first professionally published book was The Presidential Book of Lists, published by Random House’s Villard imprint in 2008.

bookcoverNon-professional publications included a regular trivia column in Western New York Mensa’s Mensana while I was a college student, two years’ worth of editorials and incidental articles in Greater New York Mensa’s Mphasis, four years’ worth of President’s columns in Mphasis, and two years’ worth of Membership Officer columns in Mphasis. In other words, a lot of words in Mensa publications.

The attached pages break out of my writings: books, short fiction, short nonfiction, and essays and opinion.