Convention Weekend

logo-copyThis coming weekend, it’s a Mensa convention. I’ll be at Mensa of Northeastern New York’s RechaRGe Regional Gathering (Friday to Monday) in Albany, New York. Unlike science fiction conventions, there’s no dealers’ room, so I’ll have much more opportunity to just sit and socialize. But I am on the program, twice:

Saturday, at 10am, I’ll be running the RVC1 Meet and Greet. The program book’s description: “As Regional Vice Chairman, Ian Randal Strock is your representative on the American Mensa Committee (our national board of directors). Come talk with him to find out what’s going on in the business of Mensa, and to share your concerns about the organization we all love.”

Sunday, at 11am, it will be a modification of a talk I gave in January to a writers’ group, entitled “You’ve Written a Book: Now What?”. The program book’s description: “The biggest debate in publishing these days is what to do after you’ve finished writing your books: seek a traditional publisher, go with a small press, or self-publish it? Each route has advantages and disadvantages, potential for great success or abject obscurity. Ian Randal Strock has worked both sides of the editorial desk throughout his career in publishing: he’s been an editor and publisher for major houses and small presses, and worked with self-published authors. And as an author, he has sold books to major publishers and small publishers, and self-published some of his work. His prepared talk is on the plusses and minuses of each route to publication, but in this small-discussion format, he’ll welcome questions from the audience to guide the direction of the talk. Within Mensa, Ian is the Regional Vice Chairman representing Region 1.”

Hope to see all you Mensans there!

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