F&SF about The Bend at the End of the Road

76ee412223ff59f82b7e32b3f1ee1014-w2041xCharles de Lint, in the September/October 2018 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, has some good things to say about Barry N. Malzberg’s The Bend at the End of the Road. In part, he says: “…while I don’t agree necessarily with all of Malzberg’s conclusions, I still found these essays to be eminently readable and useful in terms of solidifying my own opinions on the various matters under discussion. There’s also a wealth of history of the field and the wider world at large that comes into play in these writings that I found both fascinating and at times alarming…. So — not for everyone. Or maybe for everyone, but as a wake-up call. Malzberg says in an afterword that this collection is his way of quitting the essay business and saying good-bye. I find that unfortunate, because his is a voice that needs to be heard.”

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