Donald Trump is going to try to avoid prosecution by announcing his candidacy

This spit-balling may—unfortunately—not be so far-fetched: how likely is it that Donald Trump formally announces his candidacy for President in the election of 2024 this month? CNN is asking if the announcement would make it harder for the Department of Justice to bring charges against him, but that’s too rational a debate. They’re also opining that it will scare off his rivals for the Republican nomination. But again, they’re looking at it from a logical point of view, not Donald Trump’s.

I think the actual plan is to announce so that he can then turn to his followers and say, “They’re indicting me because they don’t want me to win.” It makes everything that is said about him—and every move and statement from the House January 6th Select Committee—look like nothing more than political posturing, rather than actual legal governmental proceedings. It’s like “not guilty by reason of insanity” writ large. Rather than facing the music for his prior bad acts, he’s trying to once again skate by. How many times did he say “you can’t attack me because I’m the President”? He’s about to do it again.

He doesn’t want to be President, he wants to be Dictator. He’s made an entire career out of being a grifter and a con artist: misdirect the marks by whatever means possible while picking their pockets. He thought he could do it as President of the United States (and he probably did), but the con isn’t over. He has more to steal, more legal consequences to avoid, more damage to do.

I keep asking myself what is hiding in his tax returns, that he’s never released them (one would think that such a great business man would be proud to show them). What he’s not telling us about himself and deals with other world leaders. Did you notice that the Trump International Hotel has been sold, so soon after he left office? So soon after he could no longer shake down foreign delegations by having them stay in his hotel?

Donald Trump remains a clear and present danger to the United States of America. In Trump, Mitch McConnell found the perfect front man for his decades-long plan to rewrite American society. And now that his Supreme Court is doing it, what more damage can Donald Trump do to this country? I shudder to think.

See also, “Donald Trump’s ‘slow-motion coup’ is becoming a runaway train.”

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