Time Travelers Funded!

9fe8ca763a41bf143a5529820ada4856_originalNo cutesy time-traveling trio teaser today, just an announcement that the Kickstarter campaign for Three Time Travelers Walk Into… has hit its funding goal! That means the book will exist (and the writers are warming up their writing hands right now). Very exciting! And thank you, all, for being a part of it.

The campaign runs another 45 hours, if you want to get involved, get your name in the book as an early backer/supporter, or if you want to push us to add even more stories (that’s the first stretch goal, at $7,000).

The editor, Michael A. Ventrella, will be announcing the writers’ guidelines in the next day or two, for those of you who want to get involved as a writer. For now, start thinking about which trio of time travelers you’d write about, in which situation.

And again, thank you!

One thought on “Time Travelers Funded!

  1. Successfully funded, successfully concluded, I’m thrilled that we got there. But in the last two days of the campaign, there were enough pledges beyond what we needed to be funded that we pushed into the first stretch goal, which will extend the book by two stories. Editor Michael A. Ventrella has posted the writers’ guidelines at https://michaelaventrella.com/2021/09/14/three-time-travelers-walk-into-guidelines-for-submissions/ , if you want to try to write a story for the book. His deadline is December 9, so warm up those quill pens or keyboard or direct-mind-transfer devices!


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