Mensa’s third visit to Ask Me Another

40310644_1968739973165318_6812985245869015040_oTonight was the third of the five episodes of Ask Me Another that American Mensa is sponsoring, so I was there again, handing out freebies and information. Tonight was the biggest of the three we’ve attended: nearly 400 people packed the Bell House’s theatre to the gills, and Mensa was properly represented by me, Tanya Thomas, Sara London, John Christopher Hall, Anton Spivack, Greg Draves, Michele Rizack, my parents, and two of Sara’s friends. A good show, good response from the audience, a good time. Host Ophira Eisenberg and musical host Jonathan Coulton were really on their game tonight. A lot of material that won’t (probably can’t) make it to the actual program (the thrill of being in the studio audience, hearing everything that will wind up on the editing room floor), but they were funny and interesting. I was, however, surprised by how many people left immediately after the interview, with special guest comedian Nick Kroll, rather than stay for the end of the show.

The show usually tapes on Mondays, but for some reason, had to do a Wednesday this week. Since it’s the first Monday of the month, that meant I had to miss GNYM’s monthly trivia night at The Storehouse in Manhattan. But I got a report from David Tee, who was at trivia. I literally laughed out loud when I read his message. He texted to tell me we’d won, and I asked if it had been a good crowd of Mensans. He replied, “No. We won with four people. The amazing thing is no one there was on Jeopardy, wrote books, has their own wikipedia page, gave a TED talk, graduated from an Ivy League college, etc.”

(No photo tonight: the room was way too crowded.)

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