Mensa sponsors NPR program (again)


Tonight they taped the second episode of NPR’s Ask Me Another sponsored by American Mensa. Again, Mensa was represented at the taping with a table, information, giveaways, and members. This time, it was me, Alex Filiakov, Christopher Hall, and Noel Strock, with several other members in attendance for the show.

Like last week (which you’ll be able to hear as a podcast download this Friday, or airing on NPR stations this weekend), I gave some brief introductory remarks, and then we all got to enjoy the show (which you’ll be able to download next Friday, October 5). This time, musical guest Jill Sobule started off with a song from her new album, Nostalgia Kills. The show was once again, a mixture of comedy, fun trivia, tough trivia, and some serious commentary. The interview portion was with actor/writer/comedian Tom Arnold.

After the show, NPR’s photographer took a nice group shot of the Mensan crowd. And then we realized we didn’t have the hosts in the photo, but the photographer was gone. So instead, we got this less-than-great photo on my cell phone. In the photo, left to right, we have: Musical Host Jonathan Coulton, Christopher Hall, me, Patrizia Calvio, Host Ophira Eisenberg, Leon Feingold, Al T., Noel Strock, and Alex Filiakov. In front, left to right, are: Carren Strock, Musical Guest Jill Sobule, and Jeffrey Collins-Harper.


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