Still in Florida, thinking about Readercon

I’m still in Florida after American Mensa‘s Annual Gathering, where I spent a lot of time in meetings (since I just took office as RVC1), and presented two different talks (one on the Presidents, one on alternate history), but I still had a wonderful, nearly sleepless, time. In fact, I didn’t bother sleeping at all the last night, and the photo below, of sunrise Sunday morning, is the result. Taken from the beach at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, Florida, it was a great finale to a week of spending time with friends and making new friends.

I’m spending a couple of days relaxing in Florida, but I’ve got another convention coming up in a few days: Readercon. As always at Readercon, I’m not on much programming. In fact, I’m only on one panel: “Deep Time,” Saturday at 2pm in room 6, with Glenn Grant, Jeff Hecht, Sioban Krzywicki, Tom Purdom, and Vandana Singh. I think I’m also scheduled for a kaffeeklatsch. But beyond that, of course I’ll be in the dealers’ room at the Fantastic Books table, launching two books: Up the Rainbow: the Complete Short Fiction of Susan Casper edited by Gardner Dozois; and Science Fiction for the Throne: One Sitting Reads edited by Tom Easton and Judith K. Dial. At the moment, it looks like I won’t have copies of SFftT until Saturday. Hope to see some of you there!


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