My Schedule at the AG

Normally, I post my upcoming convention schedules only for science fiction conventions, but as my role has changed (as of July 1st, I am RVC1 of American Mensa), and I have a very full schedule planned, I’m doing the same for the upcoming American Mensa Annual Gathering (July 5-9 in Hollywood, Florida). If you’re also going to be attending, and are looking for me, I’ll by at the following:

Wednesday, July 5, 6pm: AMC Chair Reception, in Diplomat 3

Thursday, July 6, 9am-5pm: American Mensa Committee Meeting, in the Regency Ballroom

Thursday, July 6, 7:30-8:45pm: I’ll be presenting a talk on the Presidents and Presidency of the United States, entitled “Any President But Donald Trump,” in Regency Ballroom 3

Friday, July 7, 9-11am: American Mensa Annual Business Meeting, in Regency Ballroom 2

Friday, July 7, 1:30-2:45pm: Region 1 Meet & Greet, in Room 216 – Even if you’re not looking specifically for me, I invite and urge all members of Region 1 to attend this session (Region 1 includes all of New England, all of New York State except Western New York, and Northern New Jersey).

Friday, July 7, 7-10pm: I’ll be attending the Gala Dinner (tickets required)

Saturday, July 8, 12n-1:15pm: I’ll be presenting a talk on Alternate History, entitled “How I Came to Write ‘Shall Not Perish from the Earth’,” in Atlantic Ballroom 3

Other than these scheduled events, I hope to be around and about the convention. I’m arriving in Florida Tuesday afternoon (and looking for a good place and a good crew to see the fireworks somewhere), and leaving the AG Sunday afternoon. Hope to see a lot of you there!

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