Yep, I’m still alive

I just realized it’s a really long time since last I posted (actually, an entire month, which for me is nearly forever). I’m okay, just sitting at home, working, and trying to avoid the excessive heat outside. So nothing truly remarkable has happened that would urge me to post something.

I was in Nevada the beginning of July, for the American Mensa Annual Gathering. It was a very good time, very tiring, and we got a lot of work done (the “joys” of being an officer). I gave a talk on Punctuation, had an audience of nearly one hundred people (at 9 o’clock Saturday morning!), so that felt very good. And I’ve been working on turning that talk into a book.

But I came home from Nevada ill, so I missed Shore Leave, the convention I was planning to attend the very next weekend. And since then, I’ve just been recovering and staying home working.

Something else (other than a too-long-silence) that urged me to post today was my discovery of this song by Chicago from the 1970s that I’d never heard: “Harry Truman”. It’s a nice song, and a nice memory of President Truman. For more on the song, see this Wikipedia entry.

So, to sum up, I’m fine, still working. If you’re looking for me, I’m planning to be at Metropolitan Washington Mensa’s Regional Gathering in a week and a half (no scheduled talks), and then I’ll be in the dealers’ room at Worldcon (also no scheduled talks; if you want to know why, ask the programming department).

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