TR on the world’s royalty

26rooseveltSorry I haven’t posted recently. The trip to Capclave was an odd mix of familiar and strange, comfortable and not. The convention was a little smaller than usual, and pretty much what I expected, but it was good to get out among people again. Especially since the convention required all attendees to be vaccinated against Covid-19 and to wear masks. So I think I’m ready for the upcoming conventions, including Philcon and WorldCon.

Completely unrelated to that, a friend pointed out this link to me, American Heritage‘s 1954 publication of a letter Theodore Roosevelt wrote in 1911, detailing his experiences representing the United States at the funeral of King Edward VII in 1910. It’s a fascinating look at the world’s leaders at that time. And though it seems like he talks about everyone who was there, apparently there were far more people there (as detailed in this Wikipedia article). It was the last gathering of the world’s royalty before World War I, which wound up deposing many of them and shifting their countries forms of government away from royalty.

I also, particularly, like TR’s comment in the second paragraph, that “you doubtless remember Cloudberry’s remark, of which I am so fond, about ‘the infinite capacity of the human brain to withstand the introduction of knowledge.'” Now I’ll have to figure out who Cloudberry was, and find the actual remark.

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