Where have all the baked goods gone?

This is what the pandemic has brought me to: ten minutes ago, I shut down the computer, and was going to bake something to bring to the picnic tomorrow. As I was taking out the ingredients, I discovered I had next-to-none (and far less than I needed) of not one, but two major ingredients for this particular recipe. And we’re not talking oddball ingredients: I have a only few tablespoons of shortening, and maybe a quarter-cup of flour in the house. I used to always have ample quantities of everything I might need for baking in the house, but I’ve done so little baking that I’ve let myself slip.

So instead, in the morning on the way to the picnic, I’ll have to stop for store-bought goodies (most people won’t know what they’re missing, but I’ll know). And one of these days, I’ll have to get to the store to replenish my supplies. I only hope it’s safe for the world to re-open, so I’ll want to get back to baking regularly.

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