Restarting Fantastic Books, Seeking Suggestions

IMG_0253I haven’t talked about business in a long time (pandemic and such), but now that I’m fully vaccinated, and see lots of people around me are as well, it’s time to look forward to a world where our first thought every day isn’t the pandemic. Toward that end, I’m getting Fantastic Books back into gear (I’ll be announcing a new book in a few days, as soon as the author and I agree on the cover, with another novel following on its heels, as soon as the author finishes going through the copy-edited manuscript). In addition to those, I’m planning our next Kickstarter campaign. I’m setting my sights a little higher this time: we’re going to try to fund two anthologies with one campaign (and trust me, you’ll know ALL about them in the coming days and weeks).

But right now, I’m looking for your input: for each of the last two anthologies we Kickstarted, one of the special rewards we offered was a limited edition cloisonne pin, but that didn’t seem to be the wonderful attractant I’d hoped. So for the new campaign, I’m looking for something else. Of course, the biggest reward we’ll offer are the books themselves, and the usual book-related things, too. But can you think of something else that might attract you to the campaign, might make you want to increase your pledge level a bit? Thanks for your thoughts.

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