Lamenting the Lack of News

I just watched the last 15 minutes of the local ABC news at noon broadcast, and I was disappointed that there was no news in it (though I guess at this point, I should be inured to the fact that programs which bill themselves as “news” are less and less actual news). There was a long piece that was just an ad for tonight’s episode of 20/20, and an even longer piece that—well, it was fairly recursive, so in that respect it was interesting, but it was not in the least newsworthy. Sandy Kenyon, their entertainment reporter, had a long story talking about a morning talk show’s (Live with Kelly and Ryan, I think is the title) preparations to do a special edition of their program in which they’ll be talking about a third special television program (the Oscars). What it actually makes me wonder is if they had teasers earlier in the broadcast for that story, which would have been wonderfully rabbit-hole-like. Throw in a couple of commercial blocks, and voila! Fifteen minutes of what is ostensibly a one-hour news program with no news. Guess that means in the future, I can turn the channel at 12:45 and not be any less informed about events of the world.

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