Amelie_posterI just saw the movie Amelie. How did I not see this earlier?! It’s wonderful! I love the surrealism of it, and the incredible details that actually have nothing to do with the main story, except as a means of showing the import of little details that we tend to ignore. It reminded me (at least, the detail-ness of it) of Stranger Than Fiction (which I shouldn’t have liked so much, but did) and the great parts of The Princess Bride (the book, not the movie). It’s those details, and the strong narrator, that I love so much and want to figure out how to work into my fiction, though I still haven’t gotten to that stage (although I have noticed myself dropping in some of those detail-esque references in my recent stories; I guess it’s just a slow evolution).

theprincessbrideNow I’m processing the movie, absorbing it, thinking I want to watch it again. But my French isn’t nearly good enough; I’d have to again read all the subtitles. That isn’t really a problem, except that it pretty much forces me to only watch the movie, and not do anything else at the same time, as I normally do when I’m “watching” reruns on tv.

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