Massachusetts isn’t doing anything about it

I’ve been mulling over this one for a bit. I’ve decided there’s nothing wrong with publicizing these responses.

I’ve been living with my sister for the last month, helping with the kids, because she is an “essential” worker in a retail establishment. She frequently comes home with tales of just how clueless, feckless, or even rude her customers can be. On Tuesday, I sent the following email to Massachusetts State Representative David Robertson, State Senator Bruce Tarr, and Governor Charlie Baker:

My sister works in an “essential” business, managing a [name redacted] store in Wilmington (she’s there right now). Every day, she is confronted with idiot customers who walk in without face masks (“oh, I left it in the car”) or with masks hanging around their necks, not covering their mouths or noses. Many other states and cities are instituting mandatory “wear a mask” orders. Can you do anything to make wearing masks mandatory, to protect the clerks who have to work, like my sister? Thank you.

About three hours after I sent it, I received a phone call from a staffer in Tarr’s office. She was friendly and understanding, but said “it’s the responsibility of the Board of Health. You should contact them.” (Thus far, I’ve not heard from Robertson or Baker’s offices.)

So I sent the same email to the Wilmington Board of Health. From them, too, I received a rapid response. An email which read, in its entirety:

WILMINGTON is not making it mandatory. However [name redacted] can as a business put a sign up on the front door that you must have a mask on to come. And they have the right to refuse anyone

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If I lived here, I’d remember those responses come election day. I don’t, but I still find them all inadequate.

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