Figure out your goal before deciding how to get there

This is why Donald Trump has a very good chance of being re-elected: Democrats are so wrapped up in political purity that they’re willing to see the president re-elected, rather than vote for a Democrat who isn’t as “pure” as their chosen candidate. And this is one reason I am not a member of their political party. I am enough of a pragmatist that I will do what I can for the good of the country, even if I have to hold my nose while I vote. I am also urging you to find that clothes pin and hold your nose if you have to. Because honestly, I don’t think Joe Biden is the best choice for president, even among the “declared” candidates in the recent scrimmage for the nomination. But I do think he is the best chance we have now to end Donald Trump’s presidency sooner rather than later, and that is a necessity.

One thought on “Figure out your goal before deciding how to get there

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