Mensa Convention Weekend

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that this is going to be another convention weekend for me. This time, it’s Central New Jersey Mensa‘s Snowball 46 Regional Gathering. While the hotel is 28 miles from my house, CNJMensa is in Region 2, so it’s not my Region 1. Thus, I won’t be working (well, I’m sure some business will be discussed), but will be enjoying myself (well, I do that at all the RGs, anyway). Also, I will be on stage: Saturday at 10:30am, I’ll be talking about “A Century of Asimov.” It’s the same(ish) talk I’ve been giving since last July, talking about Isaac Asimov’s place in science fiction, and my relationship with him in his final years, since January was the centennial of his birth. I expect I’ve given the talk just about everywhere that’s interested in hearing it, and that I’ll be retiring it soon. On the other hand, I’m always happy to be proven wrong, and available to talk to groups far and wide. Hope to see lots of you this weekend!

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