Looking to take a leap

Nearly four years ago, I realized it was February 29th, and I wrote “Did you take a leap today? (It is, after all, Leap Day.) I did. Not going to talk specifically about my leap, except to note that I felt nervous doing it, and somewhat excited after I’d committed to doing it. Hoping it works out.”

Well, it didn’t work out. It was a small thing to most people, but rather out-of-the-ordinary to me. And while nothing ultimately came of it, I found it rather exhilarating to do.

That leap has been on my mind this month, because on Saturday, once again, it will be Leap Day, our quadrennial calendrical anomaly, which really means next to nothing in the average life. But once again, I want to take advantage of it, and take a leap of some sort. I don’t know what my leap is going to be, but I deserve to once again feel that frisson of possibility.

I hope you, too, take a little leap of some kind, and that it works out better for you than my last one did for me.

And, just to add a little more spice to this Leap Day, it’s occurring on a Saturday. Leap Day occurs only once every four years, but Leap Day on a Saturday comes only once every 28 years (the last was in 1992, the next will be in 2048).

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