Tonight’s Talk About Isaac

I just got back from tonight’s Greater New York Mensa speaker meeting. I can’t give a proper review of the speaker because… well… I was the speaker. My talk was “A Centennial of Asimov,” talking about Isaac Asimov, his impact on science fiction (and the world at large), and my relationship with him.

But from a strictly facts-and-figures point of view, it was a great evening!

The room was full. I think I saw two or three empty chairs, but couches around the perimeter of the room also had people sitting on them, so let’s call it a full house. I don’t think I saw anyone walk out in the middle (which is always a good sign), and I talked the full hour. Then I was ready to stop, but the audience kept me going with questions and comments and stories of their own. Two times, I tried to finish, before they finally let me go after an hour and a half on stage.

The room didn’t instantly empty out after I finished talking, however. Several people had questions for me, I was able to sell several copies of my books (glad I carried them along), and a bunch of people hung around, chatting, for probably another half hour. Then I led ten or a dozen people around the corner to a nearby pub, where the conversation continued over drinks and a late dinner. I started talking just after 7:00pm, and we didn’t leave the pub until 11:00, so it was a good, full evening.

Thank you, Activities Coordinator David Szalyga, for inviting me to speak. I’ve been a member of GNYM for a very long time, and given a number of talks to several other local groups and gatherings, but this is the first time I’ve been GNYM’s speaker. I was also gratified to see so many members of the Board of Directors present, encouraging activity and participation in the local group.

David was filming me, so I expect the video will soon be available on YouTube. I’ll post a link when I find it (but if you find it first, let me know).

[Edited January 26 to add: the video of me giving the talk is now available on YouTube in three parts. I spot-checked through the hour and a half, and it seems to be audible throughout (though you may have to push up the volume on your computer). I regret not repeating the audience’s questions and comments, because the little microphone on my lapel did not pick them up, but you should be able to infer (at least the questions) from my answers that follow.

Part One

Part Two (if you really want to start in the middle)

Part Three (I can’t imagine you’d want to start at the end)

End of addition.]

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