Mensa Appearances

I’ll be at back-to-back Mensa Regional Gatherings this weekend and next, and hope to see many of you at one (both?) of them.

This weekend is Boston Mensa’s Wicked Good in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. On Saturday, I’ll be speaking about “Publishing and Getting Paid in the Era of DIY and Kickstarter.” I’ll also be leading the RVC chat (Mensa business discussion).

Next weekend is Chicago Area Mensa’s HalloweeM (which I’ve never been to before). On Friday at 1pm, I’ll be talking about “A Centennial of Asimov” (celebrating Isaac Asimov’s life and career). On Saturday (at 9:30 in the morning), I’ll again be giving the publishing and Kickstarter talk. Then, at 1pm on Saturday, I’ll be participating in a round table discussion about American Mensa’s national organization.

After last weekend’s Capclave, these will be my second and third straight weekends on the road. I’ll follow them up with Philcon the following weekend (of which, more anon).

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