Last minutes to grab Publishers Pick special

1604599197I’ve been on the road nearly all of the month of July, so I’m late letting you know that this week (which ends tonight), Allen Steele’s novel, A King of Infinite Space, is one of the three specials available from Publishers Pick. Get there fast if you want to download a copy of the classic novel set in Allen’s Near Space future.

As Alec, the narrator, says, “This is the story of the last day of my life, and everything that happened after that.” Ranging from a Lollapalooza concert of 1995 to the asteroid belt of 2099, this is the tale of a young man who dies, is reborn, and crosses the solar system in search of his lost love… and grows to be a better man, despite himself.

Science Fiction Weekly called the book, “an intelligent, sophisticated suspense novel with many surprises.” Absolute Magnitude said “his bodacious adventures provide good wheels for a thoughtful book.” And the Denver Post said “Alec’s story is fast, breezy, funny, and compelling as we follow his journey from spoiled brat to downtrodden slave to hero.”

A King of Infinite Space is available this week (today) only at one-third its usual cover price.

Also available are On The Train by Harry Turtledove and Rachel Turtledove, and Alex Shvartsman’s collection The Golem of Deneb Seven and Other Stories.

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