An Asimov’s evening in Manhattan with Allen

06jun2019aI took a break from the current freelance job to travel into Manhattan (again; last night was GNYM trivia) for the Asimov’s Anthology Launch at the Barnes & Noble on Broadway at 82nd Street. Walking from the subway, I passed a brownstone with a truly remarkable covering of ivy (see the pictures of the root stalk and the wreathing effect).06jun2019b

Got to the store, listened to Asimov’s editor Sheila Williams and authors Sarah Pinkser and Allen Steele talk about science fiction (sorry my picture isn’t the best; it was only after I got home that I realized I ought to share pictures, and by then, there was no way to go back and get better shots).06jun2019d

Afterwards, I got to socialize with the magazine’s associate editor Emily Hockaday and author William Shunn, who I haven’t seen in way too long.

06jun2019eThen I walked Allen back to his hotel room, and we stopped off to get some snacks. Wouldn’t you know it? It takes a southerner to find out that Moon Pies are now available in New York City! Thanks for that, Allen.

06jun2019fAfter I dropped him off at the hotel, I walked across 79th Street toward a subway stop, and saw the pretty sunset sky down the street over New Jersey. So here are a few photos from the evening; now I really ought to get back to work.

#asimovs #allensteele #sheilawilliams #sarahpinsker #moonpie

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