Numbers Day!

Yesterday I calculated and completed my annual tax filings (and got them in the mail today). And though, like everyone else, I’m disappointed by the result, there’s something appealing about doing my taxes. It’s a feeling I get three days a year: royalty calculation day in January, tax day in April, and royalty calculation day in July. In general, I’m a words person: writing, editing, designing, publishing… but those three days a year, I’m a numbers person. And though I don’t have any desire to become a full-time accountant, I do enjoy those days of playing with numbers: lining them up, combining them, seeing how the results come out as they should. And—at least for royalties—it’s always gratifying to be able to pay all the authors, artists, and editors on time and still see that the company is solvent and growing (however slowly). Now, back to the letters.

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