Congestion frustration

I’ve just sent the following message to Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Bill de Blasio, State Senator Simcha Felder, and State Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz. Does anyone else share my concern?

I’m opposed to congestion pricing in Manhattan, but you seem to have sewn up enough support that my opinion doesn’t matter. However, as a resident of Brooklyn who sometimes has to drive to New Jersey or upstate New York, I want to know how your congestion pricing will affect me and those like me, who aren’t trying to drive into Manhattan, but must drive through Manhattan to get to the Lincoln or Holland Tunnel or the George Washington Bridge. Will there be a non-tolled option for us, or are we restricted to our home borough? For instance, will I be able to drive over the Brooklyn Bridge and onto the West Side Highway or the FDR Drive without paying a congestion toll? Or are those who are geographically required to travel through lower Manhattan on our way out of town going to be forced to pay for all the cars actually stopping in Manhattan?

#andrewcuomo #billdeblasio #simchafelder #stevencymbrowitz #congestionpricing

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