Rewriting Presidential Longevity

39carterAs of March 21, 2019, Jimmy Carter (born October 1, 1924) is now the longest-lived US president. He eclipsed George H.W. Bush’s record of 94 years, 171 days (Bush died November 30 of last year, setting the mark). Bush had originally taken the title about a year before his death, from Gerald Ford, who had set it at 93 years, 165 days.

The Presidency is usually considered an older person’s job, but Carter has been retired from the Presidency for more than 38 years, since January 20, 1981. He holds the record of longest-retired President, having eclipsed Herbert Hoover’s record of 31 years. Ford was retired for just shy of 30 years.

Carter has been senior living President since Ford’s death twelve years ago, and the oldest living President for the 111 days since Bush’s death. Carter is the oldest person to become the oldest living President.

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter married on July 7, 1946. Their 72 years of marriage is the second longest in Presidential history (George and Barbara Bush married on January 6, 1945, and remained married until her death on April 17, 2018, setting the record at 73 years, 101 days.

The list of longest-lived US presidents is now:

Jimmy Carter: 94 years, 171 days-plus
George H.W. Bush: 94 years, 171 days
Gerald Ford: 93 years, 165 days
Ronald Reagan: 93 years, 120 days
John Adams: 90 years, 247 days

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