Across the Universe

coversketchFantastic Books today is launching our newest Kickstarter campaign. Across the Universe is planned to be an anthology of alternative Beatles stories (What if John hadn’t died? What if the Beatles were aliens? Or superheroes? Or… well you get the idea).

Editors Randee Dawn and Michael A. Ventrella each approached me with the idea, so I put the two of them together, and we’ve fleshed it out. We’ve already got promises of stories from the likes of Spider Robinson, David Gerrold, Jonathan Maberry, Alan Goldsher, Cat Rambo, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Jody Lynn Nye, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Gail Z. Martin, with notes by Janis Ian and Nancy Holder. And artist Dave Alvarez is finalizing a wonderful cover.

So please, help us spread the word. And surf on over to the Kickstarter page. Maybe the muse will grab you, and you’ll realize you need to be a part of this project!

Across the Universe, live on Kickstarter:

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