Releasing the Virgins soon

The Fantastic Books Kickstarted project Release the Virgins was originally supposed to be finished in November. We’re running a little late, but I’ve got the final manuscript in hand, and electronic galleys have gone out to the authors. As a teaser, the final table of contents is:

Foreword by Ian Randal Strock
Introduction by Michael A. Ventrella
Valedictory by Lawrence Watt-Evans
Sidekicked by Hildy Silverman
Command Decision by Steve Miller
Are You There, Cthulhu? It’s Me, Judy by Beth W. Patterson
Innocence Lost by Gail Z. Martin
How Mose Saved the Virgins of Old New York by Allen Steele
The Fires of Rome by Jody Lynn Nye
Salvage by Shariann Lewitt
The Midwinter of our Discontent by Keith R.A. DeCandido
Coming Attractions by Daniel M. Kimmel
Cracking the Vault by Matt Bechtel
The Coffee Corps by Alex Shvartsman
The Vestals of Midnight by Sharon Lee
Paradisiacal Protocols by Gordon Linzner
Brass Tacks by Cecilia Tan
Old Spirits by Brian Trent
The Running of the Drones by Patrick Thomas
Dangerous Virgins by David Gerrold
About the Authors
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