Busy week leading to another convention

philcon_logoHave I mentioned that I’ve got another convention coming up next weekend? Actually, Philcon comes at the end of a very busy week for me.

Monday evening, I’ll be with Greater New York Mensa for yet another taping of NPR’s Ask Me Another. Tuesday, Richard Lederer is coming to town, so I’ll see him at Hunter College (free admission, so feel free to join me). Wednesday will be a smaller Mensan dinner, greeting another out-of-towner. Thursday night is a friend’s birthday celebration. And Friday, I load the car and head to Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

If you’re coming to the convention, you’ll be able to find me (as always) in the dealers’ room (open on Friday from 4 to 7pm, Saturday from 10am to 6pm, and Sunday from 10am to 3pm). I’m also scheduled to be on four panels:

Friday at 11pm in Crystal Ballroom Two: “Eye of Argon Interactive: Chapter Five” with Richard Stout, Kim Kindya, and Daniel Kimmel.

Saturday at 11am in Plaza II: “Indie Publishing 102: The Editing Process” with Brenda W. Clough, John Skyler, Ann Stolinsky, Alex Shvartsman, and Michael Hanson.

Saturday at 3pm in Plaza IV: “Finances for Freelancers” with Susan Shwartz, Russell J. Handelman, and Erin M. Hartshorn.

Saturday at 8pm in Plaza II: “Meet the Editors!” with Hildy Silverman, Darrell Schweitzer, Joshua Palmatier, Alex Shvartsman, and Neil Clarke.

Sunday afternoon, I’ll pack up the remainder of books in the dealers’ room, drive home, unload the car, and collapse. Hope to see some of you out there while I’m awake!

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