Mensa Convention Weekend

wg2018large800b2Because I haven’t had one in three weeks, this coming weekend is another convention weekend! (Well, I did take a wonderful road trip to Vermont this past weekend, but there was no convention at the other end.) This time, it’s Boston Mensa’s Wicked Good Regional Gathering (and yes, it is conflicting with Chicago’s WeeM; if you have a problem with the scheduling, talk to those who scheduled the two). At any rate, Wicked Good is the current incarnation of the first Regional Gathering I attended (which at the time was called Pilgrimage, and was held in November). Now it’s held in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, and this time, I’ll be speaking on “The Democratization of Publishing” (at 9am Saturday), and then I’ll be talking Mensa business at the RVC Meet-and-Greet or Rap Session or whatever title we’re using this weekend, at 11am Saturday. But I’ll be there all weekend, for anyone who wants to talk Mensa business, or for anyone who wants to talk publishing, science fiction, or any other fun and fascinating thing. That’s the joy of Mensa gatherings: the plethora of conversational topics with an incredible range of people. Hope to see some of you there!

#speaking #publishing #mensa

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