Mensa hosts NPR show

40310644_1968739973165318_6812985245869015040_oYou may have heard, or maybe not, but American Mensa is co-sponsoring five episodes of the NPR radio show Ask Me Another, hosted by Ophira Eisenberg and musically sidekicked by Jonathan Coulton. Tonight was the taping of our first episode.

41990668_10216176104254149_7154692062254727168_nTere Petersen, Dave Szalyga, and I represented Mensa this evening at Brooklyn’s Bell House (that’s them in the picture I took). I also gave brief introductory remarks (see Leon Feingold’s picture of me, below), and then we enjoyed the show, along with Leon and Erin Webreck.

The program they taped will be available as a podcast a week from Friday (September 28), and broadcast that weekend. We’ll be back there next week, for the second of our five episodes.

41938667_10155581748087797_7521936732707618816_oThe staff was very friendly and welcoming, the program was interesting, and the venue fairly comfortable. So overall, it was a good evening.

Oh, and telling a friend about this Sunday night, she said “we love that show!” And pointed me to a song by Jonathan Coulton, one that I listened to this afternoon (before the taping), and then was able to mention to him. He seemed pleased, and I think you, too, will enjoy listening to “Re: Your Brains.”

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