Convention weekend

I’m heading to a new science fiction convention! I’ll be at Confluence in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, July 27-29. If you’re there and looking for me, I’ll be spending a lot of hours in the dealers’ room at the Fantastic Books table. The dealers’ room will be open 5 to 8pm on Friday, 10am to 6pm on Saturday, and 10am to 3pm on Sunday.

I’ll also be on programming:
Friday at 7pm in the Commonwealth East room: “How to Self-Publish” with Larry Ivkovich, Andi O’Connor, Jay Smith, and Karen Yun-Lutz

Saturday at 2pm in the Solstice room: “Private Enterprise in Space” with Kenneth B. Chiacchia, Lawrence C. Connolly, Herb Kauderer, and Mark Painter

Sunday at 10am in the Commonwealth West room: “Small Press” with S.C. Butler, Brian Koscienski, Joshua Palmatier, and Christopher Pisano

I’ve got a hotel room reserved for those two nights, but as yet, no roommate. So I’m looking for someone who wants to split the room. Also, I’ve been plotting out the trip. I’m realizing that, in order to arrive in time to set up in the dealers’ room and be ready to sell by the time we open, I’ll probably have to leave home about two in the morning, which will be a LONG day. So now I’m thinking of making it a two-day trip. Anyone in the middle of Pennsylvania looking for something to do Thursday evening, looking to put up a poor little traveling publisher for the night? Or, on the other end of things, want to give me a way-station on the way home Sunday night? Let me know.

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