Upcoming Mensa Convention

I always post my schedule for upcoming science fiction conventions, but I usually note that I spend most of my time at my dealer table for Fantastic Books. Next week, however, I’m going to a different kind of convention, where I won’t have a dealer table. I’ll be at American Mensa’s Annual Gathering in Indianapolis, and over the 94 hours I expect to be there, I’ll be seriously scheduled. If you’re coming to the AG, and want to know where to find me:

Wednesday, July 4
3pm: “How Can Mensa Be Improved?” In the Debate Room
6pm: “Firehouse Meet-and-Greet” Ballroom 1
Night: hoping to see fireworks

Thursday, July 5
9am-5pm: “American Mensa Committee Meeting” Ballroom 10
8:45pm: “HQ Trivia Meetup” Hospitality

Friday, July 6
9am: “Annual Business Meeting” Ballroom 3/4
3pm: “Region 1 Meet-and-Greet” Room: 314
7pm: “Gala Banquet and Speaker” (ticketed event) Ballroom 5
10pm: “Dance the Night Away” Ballroom 5

Saturday, July 7
1pm: “Mensa Awards Ceremony” Ballroom 1
4:30pm: “Changing Face of RGs” Room 209
7:30pm: “John Kennedy’s Grandma, Bill Clinton’s Mother, and John Tyler’s Grandchildren: Familial Oddities of the Presidents of the United States” Ballroom 8: this is my talk, so you ALL better be there!

Sunday, July 8
10:30am: “Brunch” (ticketed event) Ballroom 5

So that’s at least 25 hours already booked, and that doesn’t include an additional five hours of already-scheduled committee meetings (plus inevitable unscheduled Mensa governance activities), and another four hours of friends speaking that I’d like to attend.

Over those four days, I hope to get about 20 hours of sleep. Add in a little time for showering, exercise swims in the mornings, a couple of quick meal breaks, and it looks like I have 30 hours unscheduled over the four days I’m there. In other words: I’m going to be running. Hope I have time to run into you!

And, for the tl;dr crowd: at the Mensa Annual Gathering next week, make sure you come to my talk, Saturday at 7:30pm in Ballroom 8. If you live in Region 1, come to the meet-and-greet Friday at 3pm in Room 314. If you’re interested in how Mensa operates, come to the AMC meeting Thursday from 9am to 5pm in Ballroom 10. And if you’re a member of Mensa, come to the Annual Business Meeting Friday at 9am in Ballroom 3/4.

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