A sweet new level for Release the Virgins

67a1aed9c92c450084264e6f9058456a_originalThe Release the Virgins Kickstarter project is $608 away from being fully funded, and with 11 days to get there, I’m getting excited about seeing this anthology actually be published! Today, I added a new pledge level, just to sweeten the pot a bit, the “Sweet Releaser” (check it out).

I’m also thrilled that 170 people have pledged to be a part of it. That’s a really good turn-out. So now I’m asking all my friends to help spread the word: just copy and paste the post, or copy the url to your social media account. Something simple. It would be really great to see, and I know everyone involved in the project (the editor, artist, authors, and even me) would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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