Convention weekend coming

In the madness of launching and trying to publicize the Kickstarter campaign for Release the Virgins (which, by the way, is at 25% of its goal: thanks! And please help us spread the word), I’ve neglected the fact that I’ve got a science fiction convention coming this weekend. Hope those of you on the East Coast will be joining me at Balticon. As usual, I’ll be tethered to the Fantastic Books table in the dealers’ room (that’s the dealers’ room, not all the people who look like dealers out in the atrium, for which I’m still grumpy at the convention) most of the weekend. But I’ll also be on several panels, so come check me out:

Saturday at 11am: “Stopping the Clocks: Time Travel in Writing” with Jack Clemons, Brian Groover, Andy Love, and Rosemary Claire Smith.

Saturday at 2pm: “Monarchy and Empire in Speculative Fiction” with John Appel, Jack Campbell, Gail Z. Martin, and John Robison.

Saturday at 8pm: “Turning the Starship of State: Government in SF” with Tom Doyle, C.S. Friedman, Larry Hodges, and John Robison.

Sunday at 11am: “Improving Your Pitch Workshop” – they don’t seem to have anyone else scheduled on this one, so it may be a solo.

Sunday at 3pm: “Ask Me Anything: Editors & Publishers” with Scott H. Andrews, Walt Boyes, Neil Clarke, and Jeff Young.

Hope to see lots of you there!

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