White Wing Takes Flight Again

1515410366A press release from Fantastic Books:

In 1985, “Gordon Kendall” published White Wing, his first (and apparently only) novel, which Gordon R. Dickson called “A powerful story by a strong new talent.” The book garnered praise from Locus (“Kendall explores his characters’ dilemma in a clever, dynamic plot filled with intrigue, danger, and surprises.”), Amazing (“Emphasis is on the interplay of characters.… It’s an interesting book.”), Amazon readers (“I’ve loved this book for ages,” “one of the best Sci-fi books I’ve ever read,” “awesome and well done”), and GoodReads readers (“brilliant,” “one of my favorites,” “fantastic story line”).

Now Fantastic Books is thrilled to announce the identity of “Gordon Kendall,” and the fact that we are bringing this wonderful novel back into print. Gordon Kendall was a pseudonym shared by Shariann Lewitt and Susan Shwartz, who would each go on to write many kick-ass novels in their solo careers.

In White Wing, Earth has been destroyed, but the remnants of humanity fight on, in uneasy alliance with the Galactic League—their only purpose to avenge their world, their only pride the Honor of the Wing. But League politics will not tolerate pride in a refugee people, and the White Wing is under insidious attack. A powerful enemy attempts to brand one unit of the Wing as traitors, discrediting the entire human race.

Written at the height of the Cold War, the book has a surprising resonance with the world of today, and the prose stands the test of time.

Fantastic Books is honored to republish White Wing—featuring the original cover art by Janny Wurts—in a new trade paperback edition. Authors Shariann Lewitt and Susan Shwartz claim their proper credit for the book, which is now available.

White Wing by Shariann Lewitt and Susan Shwartz
Fantastic Books, 242 pages, $14.99. ISBN: 978-1-5154-1036-2.

White Wing—and all Fantastic Books titles—are distributed via Ingram, and available through all major online retailers and specialty sf shops via direct order from the publisher.

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