Science fictional predictions

I posted this on Facebook, and got a gratifying number of responses, so I’m spreading it around even more.

What prompted this was that I was watching Star Trek II on television. In the movie, Khan mentions that the ship on which he was traveling, the Botany Bay, was launched in 1996. As those of us who lived through 1996 know, the DY100 class of starship has not yet been invented.

Further mulling reminded me of Back to the Future, Part 2, in which Marty and Doc travel to the future: October 2015. Well, that’s now more than two years in our past, and we still don’t have commercial hover-conversions.

And then I thought of 2001 and 2010 (although I don’t recall the dates being mentioned explicitly in the text of the books/movies; only in the titles).

So my question to you is what other speculative fiction includes explicit predictions of what the world will look like in the future (as of when the novel was written/film was filmed/etc.), which are set in a year that has (as of today) passed? Missed predictions are what I’m expecting, but I’d be thrilled with accurate predictions, too. Thanks!

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