A couple of recent, interesting links

In lieu of writing something interesting, I present several recent articles that caught my eye:

Why You Should Surround Yourself With More Books Than You’ll Ever Have Time to Read

New York State of Mensa: Greater New York Mensa’s first podcast. The hosts are wonderful, bubbly, and real. They make the reader want to meet and get to know them. (And I can’t fault the fact that they mentioned me no fewer than four times ). Actually, my only quibble is with Sara’s pronunciation of the organization’s name: I always pronounce Mensa with an “s”, but she uses a “z” sound for that fourth letter.

Here’s the Perfect Thing to Say When Someone is Rude

Amazon discount notifications: Science Fiction for the Throne (list $14.99; available for $6.73: https://t.co/INqmXWQuXm) Ranking the First Ladies (list $32.99; available for $19.95: https://t.co/nEOyvBLMun)

Gardner Dozois and Sheila Williams Named SFWA Solstice Award Recipients: Sheila hired me as the editorial assistant at Asimov’s when she was Managing Editor and Gardner was editor. They’re wonderful, and wonderfully deserving, people.

Lock of George Washington’s Hair Discovered at Union College

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