The frustration of pie

While I was eating dinner, I stumbled across a tv program called For the Love of Pie! and wound up watching it, because… well… I love pie.

I was a bit confused by so much focus on “savory” pies (meat pies; something with strawberries, rosemary, and vinegar; onions and stuff…) because to my mouth, pie means sweet!

But the program brought back to me how much I enjoy baking, and my eternal problem with pies: I can’t taste them as I’m baking them. Sure, I can taste the dough, and I can taste the filling before filling the pie. But once it’s come out of the oven, there’s no way to know if it’s good enough, other than to take a slice. And I can’t do that with a pie I’m going to give away or serve, because it’ll have a slice taken out of it. And baking a small one alongside it wouldn’t really help, because the smaller pan would have to cook for less time. Darn this frustration for not trusting my baking ability!

Oh, and the show is on the Cooking Channel, and they’re rebroadcasting at midnight (eastern) tonight.

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