Newest anthology appearance

71emxibtxnlI had a great time this weekend at Mensa of Northeast New York’s RechaRGe Regional Gathering. And eight hours of sleep is about average, right? I mean when those eight hours were spread out over three nights? (Yeah, I didn’t get much sleep.)

After my talk at the RG (on alternate history), one of my friends was looking at the books I’d brought to show and sell, and commented that I hadn’t said anything about one of my recent anthology appearances. I thought I had, but after that conversation, I realized I couldn’t remember making the announcement, so here it is:

The anthology is TV Gods: Summer Programming, the second book in the series, edited by Jeff Young and Lee C. Hillman. Published by Fortress Publishing, the concept behind the anthology is “Your favorite TV shows done by the gods themselves.”

My story “Godding About and Sleeping Around: Zeus’ Conversation with Tantalus” combines the story of Tantalus with the program How I Met Your Mother. I’d seen the first few episodes of HIMYM when it first aired, but then gave up. For some reason, when I heard the series finale was going to air, I watched it, too. Then I read something about the show, which talked its non-linear form of storytelling, caught a few reruns, and then I was hooked. I watched the whole series through reruns, so I saw bits and pieces of it in completely random order, but really got hooked on it. And when Jeff told me there was a place for me in the anthology, I knew that was the show I had to use.

Among the other authors in the book is the comic writing duo of Brian Koscienski and Chris Pisano. I published Brian and Chris’s novel, The Biggest Bounty, in May (actually, it debuted at Balticon, the same weekend that TV Gods debuted, so I may have been distracted from this appearance of mine as a writer).

So, though I didn’t say it earlier, this is my third original anthology appearance in less than a year. It’s available now. And there are some great stories in it for your reading pleasure.

#monny #tvgods #mensa

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