RechaRGe this coming weekend

RechaRGe 2017 has posted the schedule for this weekend’s Regional Gathering in Albany. It’s another convention weekend for me: one of those where I’m not chained to my table in the dealers’ room!

I’m on the schedule twice: at 10am Saturday is the RVC1 Meet and Greet (my first as RVC). We’ll be talking about the business of Mensa, what’s been happening, what may be happening in the future, and all the other stuff involved in keeping our organization viable, exciting, and fun.

At 11am Sunday I’ll be talking about Alternate History. Same title as the talk I gave a fortnight ago at Washington’s RG, but public lecturing is an evolving art form, and the talk will be different, so if you were bleary eyed then, or just couldn’t make it (or weren’t at that RG), here’s your newest chance! Should be fun. (The title of the talk is “CSA wins; Nixon defeats Kennedy; Leonov first man on Moon: Rewriting the World with Alternate History,” although the description has changed between the time the program was finalized and now.)

Hope to see a lot of you up in Albany!

#mensa #monny #recharge

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