Pandemic this weekend

I’m ready for an RG. It’s nearly a month since I was last at a convention (that long?), and more than that since the last Mensa convention. So I’m eager for Metropolitan Washington Mensa’s Pandemic (starting tomorrow)! And it occurs to me that, while I usually comment on upcoming science fiction conventions (because in my mind, they’re work — enjoyable work, but work), I usually don’t comment up upcoming Mensa conventions (because they’ve been mostly social). But since I’m now an AMC member, I really ought to give the Mensa conventions equal weight.

So, this weekend: if you’re looking for me, you won’t find me tethered to the Fantastic Books table in the dealers’ room (no dealers’ room), and I won’t be on a slew of panels, or any other such business things. But I will be giving a lecture: “CSA wins; Nixon defeats Kennedy; Leonov first man on Moon: Rewriting the World With Alternate History.” (It’s my new talk on alternate history.) I’ll be on at 9 in the morning (yes, the other 9 o’clock; the one most of us tend to ignore on the weekends) Saturday in Belmont Ballroom IV. If you’re there (and awake), I hope to see you!

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