Fantastic Books’ newest: Allen Steele’s The Doppler Effect

A press release from Fantastic Books:

1515410293Three-time Hugo Award-winner Allen Steele is known for his meticulously planned and plotted hard science fiction, and especially his Coyote sequence of interstellar colonization. But like most science fiction writers, his interests extend beyond the strict confines of one genre. He is a fan of mysteries, tales of suspense, and the alternate history concepts of “what might have been.”

In The Doppler Effect and Other Stories, Steele stretches into those other genres with three short novels that break the bonds of strict adherence to genre labels. They tell stories of yesterdays that might have been, and of todays that ought not to be. In his introduction, Steele says “this is a collection of three stories, each a short novel in itself. Strictly speaking, they’re science fiction, but that label doesn’t describe them accurately. The truth is, when I wrote these stories, I was deliberately playing with a different genre: mystery-suspense fiction.”

● “The Doppler Effect”: What’s an astronomer to do when he’s been forced out of his teaching job on trumped-up charges of cultural insensitivity? If he’s Theodore Reggs, aka T-Rex, his solution may involve hijacking a deep space probe and planning an alien invasion.…

● “Frogheads”: When a young man disappears on an alien planet, the reason might not be nefarious. But returning him to his family could entail other, unforeseen dangers.…

● “Einstein’s Shadow:” While fleeing the Nazis aboard a massive flying boat, Albert Einstein has several surprising encounters when he teams up with a New York private eye and a Scotland Yard detective who may not be quite what he seems.…

Mainstream publishing confines itself to strict genre labels in the never-ending quest to publish the next best-seller. And mainstream bookstores force adherence to those labels in order to clearly shelve and market new books.

Small press publishing, however, has the freedom to stretch, to break through those walls. Thus, Fantastic Books is thrilled to be publishing Allen Steele’s latest, genre-crossing collection. The Doppler Effect and Other Stories—and all Fantastic Books titles—are available through the usual online retailers, and distributed via Ingram for those physical bookstores willing to take a risk on something that’s very hard to classify, but very easy to enjoy.

The Doppler Effect and Other Stories
by Allen Steele
$12.99, 164 pages, trade paperback
ISBN: 978-1-5154-1029-4

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