Larry Smith, bookseller

I’m seeing from several sources, so I’m taking it as true that Larry Smith died today. Larry is the man behind Larry Smith Bookseller, the specialty sf shop who’s fixed location was every science fiction convention on the East Coast of the United States. Larry and his wife, Sally Kobee, have been running the business for a quarter of a century, and they’ve been a fixture for all of us who attend sf cons. They have been great friends to me and great assistance to my business. And though Larry presented a crotchety, curmudgeonly face to the world, he was much more than that, and I will miss him. And these are my very public condolences to Sally and to Ralph. I’ll share more with them privately.

I’m scheduled to run out the door for a weekend of limited online connectivity in a few minutes, but I’ll post more if/when I hear it, or check pretty much any other sf person on the web for more news.

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