Mensa election petition season

This one is for my fellow Mensans:

Welcome to round one of Mensa election season: the petitioning process. Since we have done away with the concept of a Nominating Committee, all potential candidates for AMC offices must get signatures on petitions in order to run. This year, I am one of those potential candidates. Many of you probably already know me from my many years of membership and activity in Region 1. In past years, I was President (LocSec) and Editor of Greater New York Mensa, I’ve chaired an RG, and served in many other roles requiring smaller time commitments. During the last few years, I’ve been working a little more quietly for the Region, first as Regional Ombudsman, and currently as Assistant RVC. Our current RVC, Lisa Maxwell, is now petitioning to run for Secretary, and I am petitioning to succeed her as RVC (Regional Vice Chairman). At this point, I’m asking for your support (if you’re a member in Region 1) by “signing” my petition at this link. After the deadline for petitions (February 1st), I’ll be urging you to renew your membership before the end of March, so that you can vote in the election, which starts in mid-April. Thanks for your consideration, and your support.

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