Capclave this weekend

small_dodo_transparentThe fall convention season ramps up tomorrow, as I head to Gaithersburg, Maryland, for Capclave, which is always a nice convention. A little smaller than some, with a stronger focus on short fiction (my forte), it’s always a good time. And if  you’re looking for me, as usual, I’ll be tethered to the Fantastic Books table in the dealers’ room for most of the weekend. I’ll also be on four panels and another special program item:

  • Friday at 9pm in the Bethesda room: “Small Press: Is It Still a Golden Age?” with Lezli Robyn, Hildy Silverman, Sean Wallace, and Steven H. Wilson.
  • Friday at 10pm in the Bethesda room: “Where’s My Flying Car?” with Neil Clarke, Andrew Fox, and Christopher Weuve.
  • Saturday at 12n in Salon A: “Putting Real Science in Science Fiction” with Michael Capobianco, Alan Smale, and Bud Sparhawk.
  • Saturday at 4pm in the Rockville/Potomac room: “Politics in Science Fiction & Fantasy” with Anthony Dobranski, Larry Hodges, Karen Wester Newton, and David Walton.
  • Saturday at 10pm in Suite 1209: “Eye of Argon Reading/Performance/Presentation” with Walter H. Hunt, Hildy Silverman, and Michael A. Ventrella, along with a special surprise cast. If you haven’t attended one of these performances before, you don’t know what you’re missing. And if you have, well, you know you want to come back.

I’ll also be at the WSFA Small Press Award ceremony Saturday at 9pm, rooting on Tanith Lee’s “Burn Her” (which I published in her collection Dancing Through the Fire).

Hope to see some of you there!

#capclave #tanithlee #fantasticbooks

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