Spoke in Albany

I neglected to mention that I was going to speak in Albany. Of course, from the time I found out I was on the schedule, I didn’t have enough time to put the presentation together, let alone talk about it here. The acceptance of my offer got trapped in a junk mail folder which I stumbled across last Thursday night, as I was logging off to get some sleep. Instead, I wound up staying up another four hours, putting together most of a PowerPoint presentation to back up my speaking (finalized the slides on the road). And on Sunday morning, I was awake and alert and talking about “Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton: Calling Them Exceptional Is Understatement” at the Mensa Regional Gathering in Albany, New York. The meat of the talk was the fact that President Obama’s election forced me to change only one of the ranked lists on my book The Presidential Book of Lists, but regardless of who wins this year’s election, a lot of the book will have to be changed. In other words, President Obama looks an awful lot like all his predecessors, but neither Hillary Clinton nor  Donald Trump looks terribly Presidential in terms of shared characteristics with the 43 people who’ve held the office.

The talk went well, every seat was filled, and nobody left early. And, being a Mensan audience, they pointed out several typos in the slides (which I’ve since corrected). So I’m available to speak to your group, if you’re looking for an entertaining speaker talking about something different during this year’s Presidential election cycle.

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